Monkey business for woman"s spectacles

Monkey business for woman"s spectacles

A woman in China was the victim of some monkey business after a monkey stole the glasses she was wearing during a zoo visit.

The animal was drawn to the glasses and snatched them off their wearer, identified as Ms Gong, before crushing them, according to Chutian Metropolis Daily.

Compensation was paid by the Wuhan-based zoo to the woman, worth 1,400 yuan (£126).

Ms Gong had been standing near the monkey"s cage when it approached her and held out its hand.

It then grabbed her glasses as she stood still before destroying them.

In another recent case of spectacle thievery, Jerry Lowery of Illinois was accused of stealing over $45,000 (£27,628) worth of glasses from shops in Milwaukee.

According to the criminal complaint, Lowery said that he enjoys being near to glasses and would try them on in front of a mirror.

He would then throw them away.

According to the prosecution, Lowery entered shops claiming to be armed and took hundreds of pairs of designer glasses, but no money.

by Adrian Galbreth

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