Poor lifestyles reduce eye health, study states

Poor lifestyles reduce eye health, study states

Unhealthy lifestyles are fueling an "alarming decline" in the vision of UK consumers, according to sight charity the Eyecare Trust.

The body makes its assertions following the publication of official figures which predict the number of people with eyesight loss in the UK will double to four million by 2030.

Smoking, a lack of exercise, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor diets and obesity are putting the vision of the nation at risk, according to a report published by the organisation.

Ian Anderson, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, states: "It"s never too late to start making changes, as in some instances, vision that is already in decline can be restored by following a healthy diet, taking regular exercise and generally cutting down on the things that we know are bad for us."

Web resource Healing Daily suggests people wearing contact lenses should give their eyes a break once a week in order to maintain their healthy vision.

by Alexa Kaczka

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