Glasses "are fashionable for children"

Glasses "are fashionable for children"

By Adrian Galbreth

Glasses are being used by children to make style statements, according to an optometrist.

Dr Amy Walker told the Source that most children who are prescribed glasses are not upset about it.

She explained that more stylish frames have turned glasses into accessories for children and made them more acceptable.

In some cases, children do not try to read the eye chart as well as they can because they want to be given spectacles.

When that happens, Dr Walker gives them frames with plain lenses to see if they are then "able" to see the letters.

She then reassures parents that the appointment was still necessary as eye exams are important.

Meanwhile, the Oxford Mail reports how local woman Abby White has travelled to Kenya to help children suffering from the same eye cancer she had.

Ms White, who went blind in one eye from the illness, is the head of a charity that raised money to take a retinal camera to the country.

by Adrian Galbreth

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