Parents "are not protecting children"s eyes"

Parents "are not protecting children"s eyes"

Parents are not providing enough sun protection for their children"s eyes, according to a new study.

The College of Optometrists discovered that 29 per cent of parents do not buy sunglasses for their children, even though most people put sunscreen on their skin.

Out of the parents who do purchase sunglasses, almost half are driven more by cost than quality and only a quarter go for a respectable brand.

Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric adviser for the organisation, said that she was "shocked" at how many parents were failing to protect their children"s eyes.

She urged parents to make sure children"s shades have a CE mark.

Sunglasses help to protect against sun damage such as cataracts.

Recently, Simon Park suggested in the Daily Mail that people wear sunglasses in order to present a particular image of themselves.

He suggested that wearers may be trying to look cool or competent or hide a lack of depth to their characters.

by Alexa Kaczka

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