New treatment for children with eye cancer

New treatment for children with eye cancer

Children with eye cancer can have a new procedure to help save their vision.

The Times reports how youngsters at Great Ormond Street Hospital have received the treatment, which could also save them from having to suffer the side-effects of chemotherapy.

It works by using chemotherapy drugs in a targeted manner, put directly into the eyes and sparing healthy tissues from exposure. Children are under a general anaesthetic throughout.

Since the drugs are given so specifically, the dosage can be reduced while the tumour is subjected to more of the medicine.

The treatment was produced by David Abramson of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York and Akihiro Kaneko, who works for Japan"s National Cancer Centre.

Recently, the College of Optometrists warned that parents are not doing enough to protect children"s eyes from the sun.

It discovered in a poll that 29 per cent of people do not buy sunglasses for their children and of those who do, half are more concerned with the price than the quality.

by Adrian Galbreth

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