Parents "do not realise danger of sun to eyes"

Parents "do not realise danger of sun to eyes"

By Martin Burns

The sun is more powerful and harmful to young eyes than most parents realise, an expert has stated.

Adrian Knowles of the Eye Care Trust told the Sun that most eye problems that are associated with the ageing process are usually inherited while the sufferer was a child.

Although the ailments may not appear until someone is into their 60s or beyond, they could be avoided altogether if proper care is taken during childhood years.

Mr Knowles warned that children"s eyes are more sensitive than older ones and that if they play near to water, the light could reflect directly on to them.

He urged parents to get European standard sunglasses in dark colours and wide-brimmed hats for children.

The Times recently reported a new treatment being offered in Great Ormond Street Hospital for children with eye cancer.

Chemotherapy drugs are administered in a targeted way, thus reducing their side effects and giving the tumour greater exposure to them.

by Martin Burns

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