Corneal transplant man develops new eye for housework

Corneal transplant man develops new eye for housework

A man has developed a new eye for dirt after receiving a corneal transplant.

Will Palmer had never taken an interest in housework before his failing sight caused him to take on the new organ.

But now he cleans around his Doncaster home constantly, to his family"s delight.

His partner Sarah Gadsby had always had to work at getting him to do any housework, but since his surgery he has needed no enouragement.

""For some reason seeing the grime gets right on my nerves," he told the Daily Mail.

But he also gave serious thanks to his late and anonymous donor, the donor"s family and his doctor.

Mr Palmer had the transplant after contracting Fuchs" Dystrophy, which damages the inner surface of the cornea by killing the cells.

According to FuchsFriends UK, a support group for sufferers, the ailment is more common in women than in men and tends to begin when people are in their 30s.

There is no cure, although some control can be exerted using medications.

Corneal transplants are carried out when vision fails to a severe point.

by Adrian Galbreth

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