Knifeman fails to get sunglasses

Knifeman fails to get sunglasses

By Alexa Kaczka

A would-be mugger had to leave empty-handed after his chosen victim refused to hand over his glasses.

John Townsend was approached by a man with a pen knife outside Leeds station, according to the Daily Mirror"s cricket blog.

The knifeman demanded Mr Townsend"s sunglasses, but was told in no uncertain terms to go away.

Mr Townsend informed him: "I"m not handing my glasses to anyone, especially to a bloke with no front teeth."

Further afield in Majorca, a pair of sunglasses sparked a much harder row.

According to DPA, about 1,000 people became involved in street fight in Palma de Majorca in a dispute involving a pair of dropped sunglasses.

Reportedly, a woman dropped them from the window of her car and then accused a man of stealing them when he picked them up.

In the ensuing mayhem, dozens of people were injured and about 15 cars were damaged.

by Alexa Kaczka

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