How to get the smoky eye look

How to get the smoky eye look

By Emily Tait

Makeup advice has been given to women who want to give themselves the fashionable "smoky eyes" effect.

Writing in the Examiner, Taylor Olson said that it is a "surprisingly easy" look to recreate and listed two eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara and brushes both for applying shadow and smudging as necessary tools for the job.

Eye primer is optional but recommended and should be used first on the lid.

After that, use dark eyeliner on the upper lash line, making it heavier in the middle and a lighter one along the bottom, smudging it with a light, shimmery base eyeshadow.

The base shadow is then applied to the eye and a darker one put on below the eyelid crease before using mascara.

Recently, Sarah Vine of the Times suggested using metallic eyeshadow to stay abreast of the autumn makeup trends.

She was not enamoured of another trend she had seen in which models" eyebrows were bleached or covered so that they seemed to be invisible.

by Emily Tait

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