Contact lenses require care, publication notes

Contact lenses require care, publication notes

Contact lenses are a good alternative to glasses, but require care, it has been noted.

Research in the latest issue of the journal Ophthalmology states there are a number of steps people who have contact lenses should take in order to have the most safe and comfortable wearing experience possible.

It notes the cornea - the clear front covering of the eye which helps people to focus light - requires oxygen in order to keep itself healthy.

People who wore contact lenses for extended periods of time - including overnight - were found to be at greatest risk of developing infections of the cornea called microbial keratitis.

As such, wearers should ensure they take a break from wearing their contact lenses every now and again, the research, carried out by staff at the University of New South Wales, suggests.

Meanwhile, Transitions Optical recently suggested mums and dads take their children to get their eyes tested as the school year begins in order to aid their academic success.

by Emily Tait

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