Cricket mother saves the day with contact lenses

Cricket mother saves the day with contact lenses

A cricket player who lost one of his contact lenses was thanking his mother after she fetched him another pair.

James Morris had been playing at the Minor Counties Championship, according to the Reading Post.

But he lost a contact lens and could not see properly as a result.

His mother Debbie quickly went home to pick up another set of contact lenses, which she was able to bring out to him.

With his eyes sorted out, Morris was able to score two sixes and 20 fours.

A less fortunate sportsman was Brett Barberie who also had a problem with his contact lenses after he failed to wash his hands properly when handling them.

OPEN Sports recalled how, in the 90s, the baseballer claimed that he had had to miss a game after making nachos with hot chillies and then putting in his contact lenses.

He ended up suffering chilli burns to his eye and could not play.

by Emily Tait

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