Survey reveals parents" thoughts on contact lenses

Survey reveals parents" thoughts on contact lenses

Parents" feelings about their children wearing contact lenses have been revealed in a new study.

The US-based poll commissioned by Acuvue found that 56 per cent of parents of children aged eight to 17 who have faulty vision but do not wear contact lenses say that the youngsters are interested in this form of vision correction.

But 31 per cent of parents have never considered it and 27 per cent would not think about it seriously.

Most (54 per cent) were uncertain that their children would take proper care of their contact lenses and 77 per cent feel that glasses are easier to keep clean.

But 42 per cent would have no serious concerns about contact lenses if their children wore them.

Some 62 per cent of parents think that their children should have the kind of vision correction that they want.

Acuvue suggests to teenagers who want to start wearing contact lenses that they research the matter first before mentioning it to their parents.

by Alexa Kaczka

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