"Smudgy eye" is in this autumn

"Smudgy eye" is in this autumn

By Emily Tait

Women who want to keep abreast of the next season"s trends have been told about the "smudgy" eye look.

According to the London Evening Standard, catwalks have been featuring models with heavily kohl-covered eyes.

Makeup artist Kay Montano told the paper that women who want to emulate the look should cover up any dark circles beneath their eyes and then use a soft pencil to draw a heavy line along the lashes.

The eyeliner should then be smudged, using the fingers, before finishing with mascara.

She explained that the look has to be smudgy and not just make the wearer look as if they are tired.

Ms Montano also suggested using a brown pencil.

Taylor Olson recently used an Examiner article to give advice in creating the subtly different "smoky eye" look.

This requires using a paler, shimmery eyeshadow as a base colour and applying a darker one on or below the crease of the eyelid over it.

by Martin Burns

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