Eyeliner tips from Bobbi Brown

Eyeliner tips from Bobbi Brown

A Bobbi Brown makeup artist has told women how to make sure they apply eyeliner correctly.

Paul Herrington, head of artistry at Bobbi Brown, explained how to put eyeliner on so that it stays in a straight line.

He advised against stretching the eyelid out as this can ruin the texture when the skin is released.

"Relax the eye and do it from inside corner to outside corner and then go back the other way," he said.

Mr Herrington said that this would give the best line and fill in any gaps.

Research by Bobbi Brown recently found that badly applied eyeliner is the third biggest makeup nightmare for British women.

It was topped only by spilled over lipstick and poor foundation.

Some 15.4 per cent of women said that their worst makeup fear was eyeliner that had gone wonky.

Creased eyeshadow came in fourth place, with 14 per cent of respondents naming it as the worst makeup howler.

by Alexa Kaczka

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