Glasses get anti-rain coating

Glasses get anti-rain coating

Glasses wearers are being offered a new product to help them see properly in the rain.

Ciliary Blue has released the Ultra Clean coating, which is described as "raincoats for spectacles".

It gives glasses a hydrophobic and anti-static covering which makes the surface very smooth.

This repels water particles and any which do land on the lens will slip off.

Spokesperson Chris Tomlinson stated: "People often tell us they wished they had windscreen wipers for their glasses, so we"ve scoured the globe and found the next best thing."

He also claimed that people would not have to clean their glasses so often.

Only recently, Patti Wood told the London Free Press that having glasses properly fitted help a person to look younger.

She recommended wearing glasses high up on the face to show off one"s eyes and also stressed the effect that stylish frames can have when maintaining a youthful image.

by Martin Burns

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