Bionic contact lenses "could help diabetics"

Bionic contact lenses "could help diabetics"

Diabetic people could benefit from bionic contact lenses under development, according to the maker.

Babak Parviz wrote an article for IEEE Spectrum in which he gave an account of how his work is going on and the potential uses for the technology.

The University of Washington electrical engineer is creating contact lenses that would hold LED displays and small circuits.

In his article, he explained that various simple sensors have been created which could see how strong a concentration of a substance such as glucose is in the environment.

"Sensors built onto lenses would let diabetic wearers keep tabs on blood sugar levels without needing to prick a finger," he wrote.

An optometrist recently expressed his amazement at how far contact lens technology has come over the course of his 25-year career.

Dr James Moores told the Amherst Daily News that he would never have believed it if he had been told about disposable contact lenses in 1984.

by Martin Burns

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