Pioneering operation restores writer"s sight

Pioneering operation restores writer"s sight

A novelist has spoken of the pioneering procedure that gave her back her sight after two years of blindness.

Candia McWilliam suffered from blepharospasm, a condition which forces the eyelids to stay closed even though the eyes are otherwise fine.

After hearing about Nottingham-based surgeon Alexander Foss who worked on the ailment, Ms McWilliam became the 15th person in the world to have his treatment, which involves using tendons from behind the knee to hold the eyelids open.

The process took several months, but when the pads were removed from her eyes she could see again.

Ms McWilliam heard about Mr Foss after another sufferer read an article she submitted to the Scottish Review of Books.

According to her biography on contemporarywriters.com, Ms McWilliam is a Cambridge graduate who was born in Edinburgh in 1955.

She published her first novel in 1998, A Case of Knives, winning a Scottish Art Council book award and jointly securing the Betty Trask Prize.

by Emily Tait

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