Stroke brings back man"s sight

Stroke brings back man"s sight

by Martin Burns

A lifelong glasses wearer has spoken of how his sight returned to perfection after he became a stroke victim.

Malcolm Darby explained to the Belfast Telegraph how he had needed spectacles since he was two and contracted measles.

The 70-year-old grandfather was accustomed to life with the vision correction until he suddenly had a stroke in May.

Although he needed an operation and was originally paralysed and unable to speak, he began to recover - and discovered his sight was improving as well.

Mr Darby recalled how he realised he could read the headline of a newspaper unaided when a nurse walked past holding it.

Although the stroke has robbed him of his ability to speak French, Mr Darby no longer needs his six pairs of glasses and has recovered his powers of talking and walking.

Joanne Murphy of the Stroke Association told the paper that, though uncommon, it has been known for stroke survivors to find they have new abilities.

According to the charity"s figures, 150,000 people in the UK suffer a stroke every year.

Roughly a third recover within a month.

by Emily Tait

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