Eye-wateringly interesting fashion

Eye-wateringly interesting fashion

A new line of jewellery intended to be worn on the eyes has been launched by a designer.

The range, by Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek, features a number of accessories which hang on wire attached to contact lenses, the Daily Mail notes.

Users can attach the adornments - which include crystals and flowers - to new prescription or dummy lenses and they hang down below the eye.

They glimmer in the sunlight and can make it look as though the wearer is crying.

Mr Klarenbeek tells the publication: ""You can"t feel the wire dangling, it doesn"t affect your sight and the lens moves along gently with your eyeball, even while blinking."

They are "perfectly safe", the designer adds, explaining that if someone was to pull the jewellery out of someone"s eye, the worst that would happen is the wire might break.

Sector commentator April Nakayoshi recently told SFWeekly.com that people should take extra care when wearing elaborate contact lenses to enhance a fancy dress costume etc.

by Adrian Galbreth

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