Account given of eye reshaping contact lenses

Account given of eye reshaping contact lenses

A child has spoken about contact lenses that reshape the eyes during the night.

The Associated Press interviewed Isabella Jorgenson, 12, who has tried wearing the contact lenses to correct her vision.

Optometrist Rob David explained that the contact lenses have a different shape to standard ones, being flatter in the middle, and can gently change the cornea"s shape over time when worn overnight.

He said that while the contact lenses may not offer permanent restoration of perfect sight, they can reduce the deterioration and may give proper vision during the day.

Contact lens firm Acuvue recently commissioned a study to find out what parents think of their children wearing contact lenses.

It found that 42 per cent would have no serious worries about the matter and 62 per cent believe their children should be allowed to decide how they want to correct their sight.

Most (56 per cent) of parents of children aged eight to 17 who do not wear contact lenses but have imperfect sight said that the youngsters were interested in the option.

by Adrian Galbreth

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