Eye makeup "doing well in recession"

Eye makeup "doing well in recession"

By Emily Tait

Cosmetics for eyes are still selling despite the economic downturn, according to an industry figure.

Vivienne Rudd, who edits Cosmetics International, said that " things that are easy impulse purchases, like make-up, are doing well".

She was speaking after Boots reported that its beauty product sales have risen and L"Oreal enjoyed a £1.2 billion profit for the first six months of 2009, more than had been anticipated.

Ms Rudd noted that while sales in London are strong, this is partly caused by tourists picking up bargains in cosmetics stores, as they get a good exchange rate on sterling for euros.

Outside the capital, though, she said that inexpensive products are doing well in the recession and suggested that women may be trying to make sure they look presentable and capable as fears of job loss carry on.

Earlier this year, L"Oreal reported that many women are turning to makeup in order to keep their spirits afloat in the difficult economic times.

by Alexa Kaczka

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