Dangerous drivers "not wearing prescription glasses"

Dangerous drivers "not wearing prescription glasses"

Drivers in the UK are putting themselves and others in danger by wearing fashionable sunglasses instead of their prescription lenses, according to new research.

KODAK Lens polled 2,000 people and found that 29 per cent choose sunglasses over the vision correction they need when they drive.

Just 37 per cent have prescription sunglasses and 20 per cent said it was more important to them to look good in sunglasses than be able to see properly with corrective spectacles.

KODAK Lens spokesperson Nicky Mills called the results "alarming" and stated: "There are many products on the market to ensure people don"t have to make a choice between style, vision, and glare and UV reduction - with new polarised lenses, drivers can have it all."

Writer Elaine Quirke recently suggested to Daily Mirror readers that they get some Robert Cavalli sunglasses if they want to stay in style like actress Sienna Miller.

But she also offered Richie Roxy frames as an alternative for more budget-conscious fashionistas.

by Adrian Galbreth

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