Contact lens job losses "impossible"

Contact lens job losses "impossible"

By Adrian Galbreth

A contact lens giant is to go ahead with job cuts after the Scottish government failed to help it find an alternative.

John Swinney, finance secretary, had a meeting with leading figures from Bausch & Lomb regarding its plans to close its contact lens plant in Livingston, putting 500 people out of work.

He told the BBC that the government would help all the affected employees and said: "What we now have to focus on, as we did today, is continuing to explore whether there are any further business opportunities that can be pursued for the company and the site."

The contact lens giant said that it is carrying on its "constructive discussions" with the government and will take all alternatives into consideration.

Contact lenses made by Bausch & Lomb include Crystalens, which correct cataract-affected vision.

The firm claims that many patients reduce their need to wear glasses or no longer need them at all.

by Adrian Galbreth

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