Children encouraged to get eye tests

Children encouraged to get eye tests

A new drive is underway to prompt children to have proper check-ups for their eyes.

Eye Know Eye Care is aimed at children aged 11 and under and is targeting school pupils in the UK.

The Eye Care Trust charity believes that as many as a million young children could be suffering from eyesight problems without realising it.

But youngsters have been reassured that an eye test is nothing to worry about.

Vanessa, ten, told BBC"s Newsround: "It"s not really scary, just stay calm."

She said that she had been frustrated about making mistakes at school until she learned that she needed glasses and corrected her sight.

The Eye Care Trust runs a number of awareness drives about sight.

Older people are targeted in the Sight After Sixty campaign to help educate them about their vision.

As well as health advice, the charity even gives assistance on how to find glasses that suit the wearer"s face shape and budget.

by Martin Burns

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