Dry eyes "can still wear contact lenses"

Dry eyes "can still wear contact lenses"

Contact lens wearers who find their eyes are becoming dryer do not have to resort to glasses.

This is the statement made by Dr Susan Resnick after a survey by Johnson & Johnson.

According to its poll, 86 per cent of women older than 35 are worried about the effect of the ageing process on their sight.

Dr Resnick said that as people become older, they may find their eyes become dryer and this can make contact lenses less comfortable.

But she added that Acuvue Oasys for presbyopia can still be an option, as they have technology to keep the lenses moist.

"These women can now stay in contact lenses longer," Dr Resnick said.

Women are more likely than men to suffer from dry eyes as they grow older due to their hormones.

The condition can be uncomfortable but eye drops are available which can be of use to sufferers.

by Martin Burns

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