Opticians urged to join contact lenses project

Opticians urged to join contact lenses project

By Adrian Galbreth

A web-based data gathering programme about cosmetic contact lenses is calling on UK opticians to join it.

The European Contact Lens Forum (ECLF) wants to find out as much information as it can in order to pressure the authorities to regulate plano cosmetic contact lenses - non-prescription novelty lenses designed to change the appearance or colour of the eye.

It believes that this will bring safety benefits to the public, reports Optician Online.

Reports need to be handed in by December 31 and the ECLF in interested in any data going back to June of last year.

Some 450 reports have already been submitted from more than 22 European countries, but the ECLF wants 250 more.

The College of Optometrists states that they need to be handled with as much care and attention to hygiene as ordinary contact lenses intended to correct vision.

"When properly fitted and cared for, plano cosmetic contact lenses should provide trouble-free use," the authority states.

by Martin Burns

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