Implanted contact lens for presbyopia in development

Implanted contact lens for presbyopia in development

By Adrian Galbreth

Presbyopes may eventually be able to benefit from an implanted contact lens being created by a surgical solutions company.

According to Presbia Cooperatief, it will carry out clinical trials of its small Flexivue lens later on this year.

The micro-lens is being unveiled later on this month in Barcelona at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) Congress.

Under the procedure, the Flexivue micro-lens, which has a diameter of just three millimetres, is placed into the eye in a "pocket" made by LASIK lasers, just as it would be for laser eye surgery.

The pocket seals to keep the lens in the eye for good, though it can be removed or replaced if necessary.

Set up in 1991, the ESCRS will hold its congress for four days this month to help ophthalmologists across the continent bring together their information.

More than 4,000 members in 90 countries around the world comprise the ESCRS.

by Martin Burns

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