Reporter gives laser eye surgery account

Reporter gives laser eye surgery account

Laser eye surgery was hailed as a success by one newspaper reporter.

Michael Purton described his experience of the procedure in This is Local London.

He had been wearing contact lenses and glasses since the age of 16.

Mr Purton admitted that he had been nervous about the £2,790 surgery but was reassured at the clinic as people went in and came out looking fine.

He described how anaesthetic drops were placed in his eyes, which were then held open during the operation, which lasted just a few minutes.

Although he admitted the idea of the treatment seemed "horrific", he added: "Although I was awake throughout the surgery, I felt no discomfort at all."

Mr Purton slept for several hours and then awoke with perfect sight and without pain.

Recently, Steve Schallhorn, medical director for Optical Express, told Optician Online that attitudes towards laser eye surgery are likely to change as people tell their friends about their experiences of it.

by Emily Tait

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