Makeup for sensitive eyes

Makeup for sensitive eyes

By Emily Tait

Women with sensitive eyes have been given makeup tips to prevent them from suffering irritation.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Jemma Kidd suggested that women with delicate skin or sensitive eyes avoid eyeshadow that is glittery or has a lot of colour.

She said that reds are especially bad for such people.

The easier a product is to remove, the better it is for those who need to take particular care of their skin.

As such, Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara was one suggestion, as it can be taken off with water, while women were also urged to use wax-based eyeliner rather than liquid, since the latter is more difficult to clean off.

If it is necessary to use a proper makeup remover, Ms Kidd said that unfragranced or water-based products are the best.

A former model, Jemma Kidd now runs a professional makeup school which was established in 2003.

The academy intends to expand internationally and offers a range of courses for varying needs.

by Emily Tait

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