Da Vinci "father of contact lenses"

Da Vinci "father of contact lenses"

Artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to have the idea for contact lenses, according to a report.

The Ethiopian Review pointed out that he made a note in 1508 suggesting covering the eye with a lens in order to correct sight.

Da Vinci"s initial idea was to cover the entire surface of the eye with the lens.

The publication went on to state that Zurich-based physician A E Fick gave the contact lens its name, creating glass lenses using moulds from the eyes of corpses and rabbits.

He wore his contact lenses but could not keep them in for longer than a couple of hours.

Leonardo da Vinci lived from 1452 to 1519 and is best known for being a painter.

The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa are among his most famous works, but he was proficient in a number of other disciplines including anatomy, writing and engineering.

by Adrian Galbreth

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