Parents warned of weak eye muscles in children

Parents warned of weak eye muscles in children

Parents have been told about the signs of weak eye muscles in children.

The Daily Mail explained that if these muscles are not strong enough, the eyes cannot work together properly and can cause headaches or over sensitivity as well as reading problems.

One mother, Marie Nimmo, told the paper that her daughter Ashleigh had been able to read words as a child but found it difficult to read sentences properly.

An orthoptist - a specialist in focusing problems - tested her when she was eight and identified her condition.

The girl was also seeing white paper too brightly and suffering headaches.

The paper reported that orthoptists can be found in almost every major hospital and be seen on the NHS.

According to the NHS, orthoptists also work with problems such as strokes, cataracts and glaucoma.

by Adrian Galbreth

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