Tooth implant returns woman"s sight

Tooth implant returns woman"s sight

By Martin Burns

The first surgical procedure in the US to implant a tooth into an eye as a vision-saving treatment has been carried out.

Sharron Thornton lost her sight in 2000 after suffering from Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Her surgery was carried out by Victor L Perez, who explained that the procedure is a "last resort" for people whose bodies will not accept cornea transplants.

Ms Thornton was able to identify people"s faces just hours after the surgery, which used one of her canine teeth, while she was reading newsprint two weeks later.

As her scars heal, her vision is expected to improve.

The operation was carried out earlier this year in the UK on Martin Jones.

Having lost his sight in an accident more than ten years before, Mr Jones had the tooth implanted in his eye by surgeon Christopher Liu.

It meant that Mr Jones, who lost his sight several years before marrying, was able to see his wife for the first time.

by Emily Tait

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