"Better marketing needed for opticians in recession"

"Better marketing needed for opticians in recession"

By Martin Burns

Opticians need to pay attention to advertising and branding to get through the recession, according to an exeprt.

Addressing the 2009 Eurom 1 convention in Athens, Antonio Olivella made the claim, which was reported by Optician Online.

Mr Olivella, who chairs Eurom 1, pointed out the effects of the economic slump and called for eye health professionals to respond to it.

He said that in Europe, optical goods worth more than 120 euros (£108) have suffered in the downturn and that sales of sunglasses have declined by 40 per cent.

"New pricing policies, new approaches to advertising, new ways of brand development and ways of regaining profitability are required," he stated.

It is not, however, the case that all optical product firms in the world are suffering.

Signature Eyewear, based in Los Angeles, has reported that it has made a profit for the 15th quarter in a row.

Chief executive officer Michael Prince said that while net sales have fallen, action to reduce costs had kept net income similar to the levels seen last year.

by Martin Burns

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