Sunglasses a favourite for celebs

Sunglasses a favourite for celebs

By Emily Tait

Several actresses in the UK and the US have recently been snapped in sunglasses as they prepare for work.

Despite the weather cooling down, stars from Sex and the City and Strictly Come Dancing have still been opting to wear their shades.

The Daily Mail carried snaps of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis, who play Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York in Sex and the City, leaving their trailer during the shooting of the new film while wearing dark glasses.

In addition, Cynthia Nixon, who plays lawyer Miranda Hobbes in the television series and films, arrived on set in an understated outfit complete with equally dark sunglasses.

Closer to home, former EastEnders actress and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Natalie Cassidy has also been photographed in dark shades.

She had a coffee with her dance partner Vincent Simone before going on for a training session in London, Mr Paparazzi reports.

by Alexa Kaczka

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