Contact lenses "should not be overworn"

Contact lenses "should not be overworn"

By Adrian Galbreth

A doctor has advised against wearing contact lenses for longer than the amount of time for which they are intended.

In an article for goodtoknow.co.uk, Dr Melanie Wynne-Jones responded to a reader who was considering over-wearing contact lenses.

The reader was thinking about using monthly disposable contact lenses beyond their expiry date in order to save money.

Dr Wynne-Jones stressed the importance of following an optician"s advice about wearing contact lenses and urged the reader not to use them for longer than should be done.

She explained that even inserting and removing contact lenses has a wearing effect on them and using them for too long could cause problems ranging from minor ailments to serious ones.

"It"s not worth taking any chances," she said.

Optometrist Anna Sulley has told femalefirst.co.uk that many of her patients come to her unaware of crucial elements of contact lens care.

Contact lenses are, however, very safe as long as the right hygiene procedures are followed.

by Alexa Kaczka

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