How to make 3D glasses

How to make 3D glasses

Instructions for making 3D glasses have been given for those who want to enjoy the technology on a shoestring.

Writing for gadget website Pocket Lint, Stuart Miles acknowledged that his glasses would not work for every 3D technology but said they would suit those using the "anaglyph method".

Readers were instructed to remove the lenses from a pair of cheap sunglasses and use them as a template to cut two more from transparent film, which could be clear or coloured in red and blue, with one lens cut from each colour.

If it is clear, markers should be used to colour each lens, with the left one red and the right one blue.

The lenses then need to be cut from the film and inserted into the frame.

For those who want a little luxury 3D glasses are now available from Gucci.

David Hill, an executive for 3D cinema technology firm Real D, said that there is a demand for designer glasses that look more attractive.

by Adrian Galbreth

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