Celebrity"s false eyelashes slammed

Celebrity"s false eyelashes slammed

By Emily Tait

Kim Kardashian has drawn criticism for her choice of eye accessory at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Writing in The Frisky, Erin Flaherty praised the light blue eyeshadow worn by the American socialite, actress and model when she was snapped in a white dress.

Ms Flaherty described it as "Barbie makeup" but said that Ms Kardashian was able to get away with the look.

However, the fashion writer was not so keen on the long false eyelashes worn by the star.

"Those fake eyelashes are so long it"s a wonder you can keep your eyes open at all," she noted.

Some readers agreed, with a user known as myocum31 comparing the lashes to spiders" legs and another, bethlynnoo, calling them "fake and overdone".

But nonenone said that she loved Ms Kardashian"s look, while another reader, Meredith, also proclaimed herself a fan.

Ms Kardashian admitted on her website that on the night in question she had suffered a "major fashion emergency" and needed her dress sewn up when her zip popped.

by Emily Tait

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