Olsen"s eyes have it at Fashion Week

Olsen"s eyes have it at Fashion Week

By Emily Tait

Mary Kate Olsen used her eyes to affect her look at London Fashion Week.

Her style was reported by Sawf News, which carried a snap of her in a long dark coat and her eyes lined in black.

The publication noted how she had teamed pale pink lipstick with "her trademark dark eye makeup".

Ms Olsen also carried a pair of dark sunglasses with her to complete her accessories, which included a number of rings and an orange beaded bag.

Other famous women to appear at the style event with striking eye makeup have included Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson.

InStyle reported that Mrs Beckham had turned up with "charcoal eyes" to go with the black dress she was wearing.

Ms Watson, who is known for playing the studious Hermione in the Harry Potter films, wore "smouldering copper eyeshadow" to set off the patterned, short yellow dress she had selected.

by Emily Tait

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