Contact lenses "can help sports performance"

Contact lenses "can help sports performance"

People who engage in sports on an amateur level have admitted that contact lenses help them play better.

Olympic gold medallist Jonathan Edwards joined laser eye firm Ultralase in calling on amateur athletes not to be hindered by imperfect vision.

A poll by the company of people who wear glasses or contact lenses and play sports found that 64 per cent of them leave their vision correction off during the activity even though everyone questioned said their performance suffers when they cannot see properly.

Mr Edwards suggested that laser eye surgery was a solution, though he also noted that there are "many options" available.

Contact lens firm Acuvue suggests that people wear lenses while playing sport.

It points out that they give superior peripheral vision to glasses and do not fall off as one begins to sweat.

Furthermore, they will not mist up or obstruct goggles and helmets the way spectacles would.

by Alexa Kaczka

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