Drivers told to wear sunglasses

Drivers told to wear sunglasses

Road users in the US have been urged to take measures to protect themselves against the intense glare of sunshine.

The Utah Highway Patrol recommended that drivers wear visors or sunglasses to prevent the rays from getting in their eyes and putting them in danger.

One local told KSL that the light had been "blinding".

The news source also carried advice from the Vision Council of America about keeping eyes protected from bright sun.

It recommended wearing sunglasses with polarised lenses and UV protection and warned that using high gloss cleaners on the dashboard could cause a bright reflection of light.

In a similar report, UK drivers were warned not to take chances by wearing fashionable sunglasses instead of prescription ones.

Kodak LENS surveyed 2,000 people, discovering that 20 per cent are more concerned about looking good in sunglasses than wearing corrective lenses and being able to see the road properly.

by Martin Burns

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