Dramatic black eyes "now in vogue"

Dramatic black eyes "now in vogue"

By Emily Tait

Women have been informed to wear dramatic dark makeup on their eyes to keep up with the latest fashion.

According to Liz Hoggard of This is London, the "vampire chic" look, with shadowy and dominant eyes, is the style of the moment.

"The eyes take centre stage, framed by heavy, well-defined brows," she wrote, adding that lips and faces should stay a natural colour.

Famous women recently spotted demonstrating the look include Victoria Beckham and Carine Roitfeld, editor of French Vogue.

MAC makeup artist Neil Young told Ms Hoggard that women could get vampire eyes using a kohl pencil and a smudge brush to get rid of harsh edges.

In addition, mascara and eyeliner on the eye"s inner rim complete the look.

Women have also been told how to keep their eye makeup hygienic.

India-Jewel Jackson used a Glam Blush blog entry to suggest sharpening eye pencils every time they are used to get a fresh layer, while freezing mascara overnight kills microbes.

Mascara wands and eye makeup should not be shared.

by Emily Tait

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