Britons "discard over a billion contact lenses a year"

Britons "discard over a billion contact lenses a year"

Over a billion contact lenses are disposed of in the UK on an annual basis, according to a recent report.

Ciliary Blue said that about 1.4 billion contact lenses are thrown away by Britons every year.

It came to the conclusion using information from the Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers to find out how many people were wearing daily disposable lenses in a year.

Deepak Kumar recently wrote a post for Article Mania in which he outlined the various benefits of contact lenses over glasses.

As well as relieving wearers of the need to co-ordinate their spectacles frames with their outfits, there is the convenience of not having anything on one"s face.

This may be useful to people who need to have protective eyewear to play sports.

Mr Kumar did note that the proper hygiene practices need to be adhered to when using contact lenses.

Daily disposable lenses, however, do not require as much handling or cleaning.

by Emily Tait

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