How to avoid dark circles

How to avoid dark circles

Women who suffer from dark circles under their eyes have been given some tips on eliminating them.

Kerryne Karause-Neufeldt, who is chief executive officer of eyeSlices, explained that certain lifestyle factors can affect the blemishes.

"Lifestyle can affect your eyes like your diet, lack of exercise, not having enough sleep; even having a good mattress or pillow can hugely help with sleep," she stated.

Women were also urged to exercise several times a week and drink two litres of water a day in order to keep their eyes bright and clear.

Ms Karause-Neufeldt pointed out that the skin beneath the eyes is very thin and so it shows blood flow in the area.

She observed that women can be very self-conscious if they suffer from dark shadows.

Consumer watchdog Which? tested 12 products which claimed to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

Volunteers aged 35 to 65 said that none of them made any significant difference.

by Emily Tait

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