Autumn beauty for eyes

Autumn beauty for eyes

By Emily Tait

Women have been given help from many sources on how to keep their eyes clear, bright and stylishly made up over the colder months.

One person who knows what she"s talking about is Lauren Lane, recognised for the online makeup demonstrations that have made her an internet hit and running her own makeup range.

According to the Times, she has an "instinctive gift for eye makeup" and is known for her unpretentious and down-to-earth style, borne of not adhering to any set of rules and going with what comes naturally.

The autumn can be a time to look for new styles and Ms Lane gave the paper some ideas about which colours work best on certain eyes.

Women with brown eyes and hair could try green eyeshadow, while blonde-haired and brown-eyed women look good in lilac.

Darker colouring, with brown eyes and black hair should experiment with peach shades on the eyelids.

Purple eyeshadow is a good option for those with green eyes and brown hair and green-eyed redheads were urged to try lighter shades of this colour.

According to Ms Lane, there is no way to prevent eyeliner gathering in the corner of the eye. Instead, women will simply have to rely on having someone to tell them it has clogged so they can slip away to fix it.

She suggested using pencil rather than liquid liner on the water line to prevent running.

In addition, women could try spicing up their festive season makeup with a touch of coloured mascara on the ends of their lashes on top of a coat of ordinary black.

Wearers of glasses were advised to use eyeshadow with a satiny or matte finish.

Other advice for autumn and winter eye trends have been outlined by Kathy Phillips in the Observer.

She told readers that eyebrows need to be "tamed" and suggested using brushes and gels to keep the hairs neat.

Eyebrow pencils may be required to fill in the lines but Ms Phillips urged women to ensure they choose a pencil which is not too hard or soft, as well as being well matched to the colour of the brows.

Ms Phillips also noted that while eyeliner can give a dramatic effect, it takes practise to apply properly and the style depends on the shape of the eye.

According to her, purples are in vogue now, with lilacs and mauves among the spectrum of colours.

"It is quite an easy colour to wear, especially in contrast with British pale skin," she wrote.

The Telegraph has also reported a new trend for purple and blue-based eye colours and suggested them as an autumn alternative to ordinary blacks.

Just like Ms Lane recommended trying a little colour on the eyelashes, the paper"s Beauty Notebook also suggested being more adventurous than plain black mascara and opting for dark blue tones.

Similarly coloured eyeshadow can be applied heavily or lightly, with navy good for the "smoky eye" effect.

For some added seasonal glitter, women could also try blending together blue and gold on their eyelids.

The paper suggested creating a blue base for eyelids and adding gold to the corners.

Black eye pencil may be too harsh a look for daytime, but again, the paper recommended navy as an alternative.

This tone was said to be "softer and [can bring] out the colour of your eyes".

Navy eye colours with a complementary tone is clearly a current trend as it was spotted at London Fashion Week.

The London Evening Standard reported that Hannah Murray, makeup artist for Luella, was seen blending navy and green eyeliner before applying it.

by Adrian Galbreth

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