Mobile phones "can hurt eyes"

Mobile phones "can hurt eyes"

By Martin Burns

People who use mobile phones may strain their eyes trying to see the screen.

This is the warning given by ophthalmologist Dr Karen Bassichis Saland to the Dallas News.

She explained that about about a quarter of her patients strain their eyes from looking at their computer monitors and predicted that mobile phones, with their small screens, will exacerbate the problem.

"When people stare at anything they forget to blink, which means they don"t moisten their eyes," she said.

As mobile phones with small screens become more widely used, Dr Saland warned that eye strain from these may increase.

She urged users not to look at their screens in the dark and apply eye drops to keep their eyes moisturised.

Pharmacist Helen Marshall has given advice to netdoctor on using eye drops.

She reminded people to wash their hands first and suggests tipping back the head, pulling down the lower lid and then looking up before putting in a drop.

Blinking then carries the drop over the entire eye.

by Alexa Kaczka

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