Contact lenses give "snake" look

Contact lenses give "snake" look

Sneak previews photographs from a new film reveal how effective contact lenses can be at finishing off a special look.

Photos of Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat from the film Hisss have been released, showing her in full snake getup, complete with special contact lenses, according to website Dance With Shadows.

She has been spending up to ten hours in costume on the film"s set, playing a snake-lady character who is captured from the jungle and taken to civilisation, with disastrous consequences.

Her contact lenses may be of special interest to those who are planning on creating a fabulous outfit for the Halloween party season later this month.

Coloured and special effects contact lenses can be bought cheaply on the internet and can put the finishing touches to a costume.

For example, Crazy contacts come in blood red, while, wolf black and spiral patterns and colours.

Ordinary contact lenses can lighten eye colour or change it completely and can be ordered by those who have as corrective prescription and those who do not.

by Emily Tait

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