Need for contact lens hygiene stressed

Need for contact lens hygiene stressed

By Adrian Galbreth

The importance of adhering to instructions for extended wear contact lens hygiene has been reiterated.

Howard Seidman noted on My Optum Health that such contact lenses are very convenient and problems with them are rare.

Mr Seidman observed, however, that it is still important to keep them properly clean and disinfected.

He advised wearers to wash their hands and dry them thoroughly before handling the contact lenses.

In addition, rubbing contact lenses is better for cleaning them and they should not be rinsed with tap water.

Contact lens solution should not be put into other containers and nor should it be used to clean lenses twice.

Furthermore, contact lens cases ought to be replaced every three months.

Recently, Steve Levenstein of inventorspot.com, cited a Tokyo Kawaii TV report about a Japanese trend for decorated contact lens cases.

"Decokits" can be bought to cover contact lens cases in tiny charms, or ready decorated ones can be purchased instead.

by Adrian Galbreth

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