Contact lens publication revamped

Contact lens publication revamped

By Martin Burns

Readers of a contact lens magazine are seeing a new approach to its design.

Contact Lens Monthly, a publication from Optician Online, is now sporting a new look and additional features.

Questions about contact lenses are now being answered on the Contact Us page.

Another new addition is Lens File, in which new specialist contact lenses are being profiled.

The publication"s front cover has been revamped and the overall style has been updated.

One article featuring in the new issue is titled, "How to become a contact lens practitioner".

Last week, information for the fiscal year was released by contact lens firm Unilens Vision.

It reported that its income before tax had been record-breaking at $3,001,179 (£1,893,303).

According to its chief executive officer Michael J Pecord, the contact lens company is "very pleased" with its performance.

He said that the figures were especially commendable given that the recession is still ongoing.

by Alexa Kaczka

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