Contact lens mistakes outlined

Contact lens mistakes outlined

Wearers of contact lenses have been warned against several common mistakes made with them.

In an article for Twirlit, Rigel Celeste warned people not to take hygiene short cuts with their contact lenses.

He said that the most common error made with contact lenses is not cleaning the lens case every time it is used and not replacing it every three months.

In addition, contact lenses should not be worn for too long, even if they are comfortable.

Mr Celeste explained that although contact lenses use technology to make them safe, they need to be taken out as often as required and cleaned.

Another common mistake is cleaning contact lenses with tap water.

There are potentially harmful impurities in this liquid and they must not come into contact with the lenses as they could accumulate on them.

Howard Seidman recently used an article for My Optum Health to reiterate the importance of good contact lens hygiene.

While problems with contact lenses are very unusual, wearers still need to maintain proper care of them.

by Emily Tait

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