Sunglasses "can help uveitis sufferers"

Sunglasses "can help uveitis sufferers"

A medical publication has suggested that sufferers of uveitis try wearing sunglasses to help soothe their symptoms.

Medical News Today explained that dark glasses could help people who are uncomfortable with light because of their condition.

A warm and gentle compress on the eyes can also help to offer relief.

Uveitis is a condition caused by the middle layer of the eye, or uvea, becoming inflamed.

It can be painful and symptoms include being sensitive to light, headaches and suffering cloudy or blurry vision.

Uveitis may exist as anterior, intermediate or posterior, depending on where exactly it has struck in the eye.

The cause cannot always be confirmed but some cancers, injury, surgery or inflammatory ailments may be connected to it.

Eye charity the RNIB notes that uveitis is considered to be incurable as it is never cleared completely.

It does, however, explain that the ailment can still be controlled to a degree and a person"s sight can stabilise.

by Adrian Galbreth

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